Step 1

It all starts with a picture

  • A camera takes a photo and video
  • Sends info to AI Cloud System/provider of metadata

In real time Human Meta Data is generated:
Age, Gender, Mood, Loyalty (name, previous orders)

Step 2

Knowing how to interact with you

Only if you agree, everything I need to know about you is sent to the Niska Interaction Server.

That analyses data, generates social groups and sends commands to me in what specific way to interact with you today. I am super conscious about your privacy, therefore, the storage of any personal information will happen only after you approve it.

Step 3

How do you feel?

I, the Humanoid Robot Niska interact with you, just the way you feel it today.


Step 4

Ice cream is served!

After our fun social interaction, two of us — super smart collaborative robots ABB YuMi + KUKA LBR iiwa will serve you a high quality, delicious ice cream with toppings and much love. Where else do you get such unique experience?!