NISKA Team attends ICRA18

The International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2018) was held in sunny Brisbane in May of this year. It attracted 3,000 experts in the field of robotics and this year the NISKA team took this opportunity to secure the “start-up” space at ICRA18. The ICRA conference has an impressive history of events – 35 years!

Niska used this opportunity to learn and to develop an expanding network of like-minded professionals and businesses.

The overall message NISKA took from the robotics industry is that which was said by Professor Rodney Allen Brooks Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science

Professor Brooks said.

“It’s sort of criminal to have a person standing there who’s not allowed to go on a bathroom break for hours doing some stupid task.

“So we’re trying to give them tools so they can get the robot to do that stupid task and they can do something much more cognitive.”

There was an amazing showcase of robotics technology around the hall – the future is indeed here and the future looks bright: automated flying cars, social service robots to assist us, medical robotics to facilitate surgeons at various operations, robots that are going to rescue people and gather critical information at the high risk areas during natural and commercial disasters.


NISKA was granted an  opportunity to pitch to the audience and to share our  team’s excitement about the NISKA’s retail robotics project.