Meet the Niska team

Despite my confidence, I am well aware that I couldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the members of Niska team.

They have put together their brilliant minds to declare their capacity to deliver me, the project and make the ideas of the future possible today.


Kate Orlova

Niska CEO / Co-founder

The brain of Niska. With a Masters degree in Biology Science, extensive experience in food production industry through co-founding Luka Chocolate in 2011 and developing it to a successful business concept from scratch. Knowing her experience and extensive knowledge of finance, administrative and corporate communication, I am sure I’m in good hands.


Anton Morus

Niska Concept Setter / Founder / Director

The heart of Niska. Why I am who I am is mainly because of Anton’s vision. His Bachelor degree in Law, excellent management skills and business experience in Australia, makes Anton the highly competent general manager he is today.


Dr Brian Freeman

Chief Wisdom Officer / Senior Advisor

As for any successful growth, a skilful guidance is necessary. Dr Freeman is the crucial puzzle piece that does just that. With an extensive business experience and knowledge, he is an extraordinary mentor, so that I can grow strong and conquer the world confidently.


Stephen JK Parker

Chief Knowledge Officer

In order to get me over to the outside world to meet you in person, we need someone like Stephen. With his in-depth understanding of the academic field and business path, exceptional communicational skills and experience gained in global corporations, he will make it possible to put my innovative concept on commercial track.