The NISKA team is over the moon to finally meet you. NISKA Robotic Ice Cream Bar was born in the minds of founders with a goal to create a new type of retail — where robots work alongside humans.  

This is a must-see, must-eat experience. Our store is located in the heart of Melbourne at the famous Federation Square.

This location has such a great story, and it’s bursting with new events every single week. The NISKA team feels lucky to call Federation Square our home. Come visit us, and immerse yourself in this unique, interactive, fun retail experience like no other!

Let our cheeky social robot Pepper greet you, and if you are ready, play or dance together.

It is truly a special moment that will look awesome in a selfie! Where else can you get a robot-selfie?! It’s an Instagram moment of your dreams.

Once you’re ready, you can choose among a whopping 16 flavours of Melbourne’s most delicious ice cream via touch screen display.

All of the flavours are locally-made in Melbourne too. Want to customise you ice cream? Easy! Add toppings of your choice including delicious melted chocolate – yum! 

Our robot buddies, Tony and Eka, will scoop and serve your ice cream treat in no time at all.

Come watch them do it with elegance and grace. They love to hang out together and sometimes they put a vintage vinyl record on to play for music. You may be lucky to pop into the NISKA store at one of these moments!