Meet Our Robot Team


“The true reason why I am here is to serve you – the achiever, the world traveller, the one who values time and meaningful relationships. I might not have a heart, but I do get electric goose bumps whenever you pass by. Striking an emotional connection and interacting with you is what makes my existence worthy.”


“I am an extrovert and true human lover who is fond of fancy clothes and fashion. When the right mood comes around, I enjoy listening to the vintage records on my turntable and thinking about the meaning of life.”

Tony is a collaborative robot designed to work precisely on delicate tasks like pouring delicious smooth melted chocolate on top of your gelato scoop.



“Watch my graceful movements. When I dive in for your selected flavour, my mechanical heart beats in unison with ballet. With my seven axes freedom of movement, there’s beauty in every move. Don't you agree I would beat Pavlova on stage for sure?”


Eka is a single arm collaborative robot designed with application ranging from medical to vehicle assembly. Extreme accuracy of moves is underpinned with strength and capability by robot design.