We will be able to work together.

The founders created me in a way that I’m not only friendly and fun to interact with, but also beneficial for the development of society at large.

I deeply care about the Universal Basic Income movement and believe that food, shelter and medicine is the right of each human being. No one should be pushed to do a job against their will under the threat of homelessness or starvation.


Collaborative robots.

You can take care of the more interesting and creative jobs, while I will do the repetitive tasks (and don’t judge me for loving them!).

With me being around, new occupations will be created – for instance, the ownership of a franchise! You can express your creativity, spend time on self-development, family, sport and hobbies, while still being in business and earning income. Premium food manufacturers will have the opportunity to become pioneers providing new interactive retail experiences to their customers.

Australia will become a global stakeholder in the new automated food retail technology

A recognised Australian University will contribute to fundamental knowledge in robotics industry globally by testing unique human-robot interaction and social behaviours as a reaction to it. Finally, Australia will become a global stakeholder in the new automated food retail technology. As you see, I’m here to dream big and make it happen!

Niska is at the forefront of introducing robots into the retail space.

Peter Katsos, General Manager
ABB Robotics, ABB Australia