FY 2017-2018

• Formation of the idea of robotic retail concept;
• initial drawings and concept modelling;
• checking the feasibility of existed technology to be applied into the concept
• provisional engagement with the University of NSW Sydney;
• attraction of angel’s funds;
• commencement of R&D, development of the scooping mechanism as the core of the concept.

FY 2018-2019

• the scooping mechanism is developed and patent application initiated;
• development of the design of the Entire Robotic Retail Solution (ERRS or Robotic Ice Cream Bar);
• test of the equipment with following modification of such equipment to make it suitable for the purpose of the project;
• final design signed-off (design is registered with IP Australia)
• commencement of the manufacturing of the ERRS;

FY 2019-2020

• Entire Robotic Retail Solution is manufactured and Factory acceptance test (controlled environment) is successfully passed;
• Occupation of the premises at the Federation Square and installation of the Entire Robotic Retail Solution (NISKA Robotic Ice-Crem Bar);
• Site acceptance test (final test stage before launching commercial operation of ERRS for the public);
• ERRS is launched for the public (19 September 2021) with ongoing operation;
• The ongoing Research and Development process of human-robot interaction;
• Discovering faculties of ERRS and immediate response by modification and alteration of software and hardware, ongoing improvement of the technology;
• Recognition of the technology in industry (Award, Finalist, Spain Speaker etc).
• Arrangement of appointments with prospective clients from all over the globe to inspect technology in Melbourne (due to pandemic all arrangements have been terminated indefinitely);
• next stage of technology validation is passed – fully unattendant retail mode in commercial environment (no shop assistant, only robots). Additional R&D of human-robot interactions during unattended retail. Unattended retail mode was tested from 01 January 2020 till 25 March 2020 (first lockdown imposed).