I am establishing a new, emotionally intelligent era for robotic retail

From the outside I might look high-tech and maybe even a bit scary for some. However, the true reason why I am here at all, is to serve you – the achiever, the world traveler, the one who values time and meaningful relationships.

I might not have a heart, yet I do still feel electric goosebumps whenever you are passing by. Striking an emotional connection and interacting with you is what makes my existence worthy.


I love to set goals that bring innovation to another level

With the research and high-level expertise that’s been put into creating me, I have the potential to advance Australia’s position to the forefront in the application of advanced human-robot interaction.

Human experts from fields of robotics, architecture and user experience have come together to tackle the specifics of the retail environment.

Recognised research institutions will conduct a series of studies to evaluate and test the interaction between me, you and other customers. The results of this research will serve as guidelines for my character to act according to the best practices of human-robot interaction within the retail environment.

My creators

Despite my confidence, I am well aware that I could not be here if it wasn't for the members of Niska team. They have put together their brilliant minds to declare their capacity to deliver me, the project and make the ideas of the future possible today.

This project is not just about ice cream retail, it’s about revolutionising retail and the revolution starts at “ice cream point”.

Anton Morus
Founder of Niska