Robotic Ice Cream Bar

Watch robots serve the most delicious ice-cream. Niska is a must-see, must-eat experience located at the popular Federation Square in Melbourne CBD. Fall in love with our unique and exciting robotic ice cream bar.

The team of NISKA has brought you an adventure from far into the future: Australia’s first-ever ice cream store staffed entirely by Robots! Yes, that’s true. NISKA has opened a unique ice cream bar in Melbourne at Fed Square where ice cream is served by three robot attendants; Pepper, Eka and Tony.


Who is NISKA?


NISKA is a true Melbourne-born tech start-up company, founded, registered and entirely operated in Australia. Our all operation from research, development, testing, and construction are conducted in Australia. NISKA Robotic Ice Cream Bar is our pioneer project in the emerging trends of robotization of retail.

 NISKA Robotic Ice Cream Bar is just the beginning. Our team is excited to continue research and development to bring you more exciting and innovative designs. We endeavour to bring more features of robotic retail to impress and entertain you, and most importantly, to give you a reason to feel happy with our services during human-robot interaction experience.


Meet Pepper, Eka and Tony!


Pepper takes your order and payment via an interactive menu screen. Pepper is the social robot and able to interact with humans, who greet you, and if you are ready, you can play or dance or take a selfie together. Along with taking orders, she suggests customers follow the shop’s Instagram. Eka, another staff member at the NISKA Robotic Ice Cream Bar, has just one arm, and wear a sleeve, but scoops like a boss! And Tony expertise on delicate tasks like adding toppings and pouring smooth melted delicious chocolate to the cup, and delivers the final product. Pepper, Eka and Tony being the first generation of the robotic store, they sometimes are not as perfect as humans. Niska team greatly appreciates your understanding of the fact that all our robot buddies Eka, Tony and Pepper are still new to this store and learning how to refine their synchronized moves to reach perfection.


What Can You Order?

The store includes Australian-made gourmet and artisan ice cream with 16 flavours ranging from rocky road, cookies and cream and salted caramel. You can choose from suggested dessert combos or create your own from a selection of ice cream flavours, toppings, sauces and extras all locally made in Melbourne including favourites like hazelnut, salted caramel, coconut and rocky road. All of the ice creams are made from the freshest ingredients, with no artificial flavours added. You also can choose from gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options. 

Our ice cream is divine

Niska showcases world-class service and high-quality ice cream and toppings. Our flavours include: Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Rocky Road, Rainbow, Cookies and Cream, and many more. They are all locally-produced in Melbourne with the best artisan tradition of gelato and ice cream making.

The future is here

As leaders and pioneers in retail robotics, Niska is at the forefront of introducing robots into the retail space. Ice cream is just the beginning! Providing a unique, exciting, safe, interactive, and fun retail experience like no other. 

This is Just a Beginning!


NISKA Robotic Ice Cream Bar is just a beginning in robotization of retail. We are learning a lot each and every day – and it is all thanks to your support and feedback. 


Your support towards this first Australian Robotic Ice Cream Bar makes a significant difference to us and the development of more future projects like this. Your co-operation is vital to the fundamental and practical knowledge and skills of local engineers and all participants of STEM across Australia.